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Loan Programs: Available throughout California and all 50 States Luxury Home Programs: Jumbo Loans, up to 100% financing, and loan amounts up to $2,500,000. (Loan Products available on higher purchase amounts with exceptions) Rural Properties, Ranches, Horse Properties, Ranchettes & Land. Lending on income producing or rural properties available with top notch rates and fees and no farm credit membership or stock fees. Up to 100% LTV on up to 20 acres up to $2,500,000. Larger acreage programs available also.
Construction Loans: Owner Builder or Contractor Loans. Include land purchase in construction loan if desired First Time Buyer Programs: Cal. FHA programs available for those who qualify at rates as low as 2.75% . Buying a property can be stressful. We make buying a home, ranch, or investment property a much less tedious process. We have served thousands of clients all with unique needs and unique properties that they are purchasing so we know how to avoid the pitfall that less experienced lenders fall into when processing your loan. We can help you avoid those stressful mistakes.

Now is a great time to refinance your mortgage. Current mortgage rates are back down to near record lows. So if you need to lock in a 30 year fixed loan, lower your payment or take cash out.. call or email us today so that we can put our knowledge and expertise to work for you! We Have the best rates, lowest fees and take the time to create and explain your custom mortgage package to you. Home Equity lines are a cost effective way to use the value built up in your property to do things such as...make improvements to your property, invest in rentals properties or send a child to college. Whatever your reason is for opening a home equity line, we can find the right program to meet your specific needs.
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Is a Reverse Mortgage a Good Choice?

At first getting a reverse mortgage can seem like a daunting task. There are many different avenues one can take after retiring and reverse mortgages can be on option that many seniors are looking forward to these days. A lot of elders don't know where to start when it comes to getting one of these forms of mortgages. As always, the requirement age for a reverse mortgage is 62. Other qualifications are depending on the specific lender you choose for your reverse mortgage so choosing a lender wisely is ideal and can be, at times, a pain staking process. Who do I trust? NCAO does good counseling on reverse mortgage help. How do I know this lender can help me? How do I know he has my benefits in mind? These are several questions asked constantly when attempting to get a reverse mortgage. That said, these are important questions.

It is a smart decision to do proper research before jumping knee deep in water when it comes to reversing your mortgage. You should talk to over with our spouse or heirs that are presently on the deed of the home. These are topics you should discuss over the course of a few weeks because once you get one there is no turning back. Reverse mortgages have both their disadvantages and their advantages, and it all depends on the person and who's qualifying for that particular loan. A question we get asked a lot is: what can we do with the money? You can pay off your mortgage debt, go on vacations to Europe and travel the world, or pay other debt and obligations. Once you get your loan, there are no limits with the money. The money is yours to keep. Using a reverse mortgage calculator before making further decisions is always a good idea.

Does it seem too good to be true? Like we said, there are downfalls when it comes to reverse mortgages. A bank can repossess the house if you do not pay if your interest fees or once the deed holder dies the heirs will no longer be able to inherit the home. Like we said, these are all topics that need to be discussed as a family before attempting to reach out to a reverse mortgage loan provider. At times, a reverse mortgage can change a life for the better. However, if ill-advise is given, it can harm your life even further and make your retirement even more hard than it already is. You have other options, as well. VA loans and Jumbo Loans are all an options depending on your qualifications. Also, FHA Loans (for Florida Residents) is also a viable option depending on your circumstances.

Money Smartness and Loans

What does your frugality quotient show? Does it increase as you grow older? Or do you feel you’ve reached a point where your frugality has attained a steady level from which it refuses to nudge? Or do you think that you have reached the pinnacle of fiscal enlightenment and are sliding down the slope right now? Well, this is individualistic. Behavioral economist, David Laibson and associates have conducted a study and released a report on how the levels of monetary wisdom change with age. In their very interesting paper “The Age of Reason: Financial Decisions over the Life-Cycle with Implications for Regulation” which is yet to be released, they say that though your experience and age help in increasing your fiscal wisdom till a certain stage of your biological growth, with oldage , your fiscal wisdom declines. Understandably, I think our frugality quotient too follows the same path as our other faculties of intelligence. Oldage does have a detrimental effect on our cognitive skills and with the general intelligence losing its sharpness, you can expect any specific intelligence too to decline owing to that. So what does all this mean to us? It means that you’ve got only a certain age in your lifetime where you are at your frugal best and you’ve got to identify that and cash on your best retirement policiesfinancial planning and management skills. A time not earlier or later than this is going to help you in taking the wisest fiscal decisions in your life. Some choose to get a VA Loan, or a veteran's assistance loan. If you are waiting to know this magical number –its 53! So make the best of your fifty third year for a good financial future.

After 53 years, senility takes over for most people and that’s when your cognitive skills along with your body start showing signs of inefficiency due to aging. So, if you are on the right side of 53, take care and see to it that you are ready with all your financial resources. Plan for retirement because you’ll not able to organize your money well after you grow old. According to Laibson, after 60 years of age dementia increases and 30 % of people who are more than 85 years old are suffering from dementia, Most of the elderly don’t seem to be having the cognitive apparatus to manage their finances properly. Hence they are being taken advantage of. As most youngsters believe in a nuclear family set up without their elderly parents living with them, the elderly have to finance themselves during that age to survive.

So what should the aged do to protect their finances? There many options. For example, the VA loan at ColonialFirst has helped many veterans and can be located here: (http://colonialfirst.com/florida-va-loans/). Many people choose They should make a trusted person the caretaker of their finances. They should keep their financial portfolio simple and invest in safe government retirement policies like the 401(k). You can also make a revocable living trust if you have enough finances. With a little bit of planning, you should be able to protect your financial resources even after you retire. You may not be able to stop the process of aging, but you can certainly take precautionary measures beforehand.